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I love old films and watch them as often as i can and always seem to find something new.

Duel Alibi and Brief Encounter are maybe my favourite Vintage films 

Over time I hope to add my full movie list on this site.

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Bargain film Bulldog Drummond only £1.99 Capt Drummond searches for his girl kidnapped by the most evil of gangs



Gainsborough Pictures
Directed by Ken Annakin and Michael C. Chorlton
My rating: 2 stars out of 4
(Turner Classic Movies)

A predictable yarn about a group of people stranded on a mountain top after their plane crashes. They constantly moan and tell tales of their past life, steal food, refuse to help one another and generally act like selfish idiots. With a good cast character I was expecting more. Eventually some of them take action to find a way back to civilization.

Still a nice film to have in my collection but could have been better with such a good cast.

clip of the film


With a short running time ideal to watch in bed on a cold Sunday morning is a rather strange movie  directed by Joseph h Lewis.

Amazingly it was a very low budget and i think made in 10 days and in parts it does show,  but its amazing well acted with our leading lady Julia Ross (Nina Foch) down on her luck behind on her rent and looking for a secretarial job.

She is an American in London and the film does have a kind of film noir feel to it.

She sees a job as a secretary in the local paper and set off in the hope of getting the post, amazingly she gets the job it pays well but she must live in a creepy house with her new employer Mrs. Hughes (Dame May Whitty)

On the evening she goes to bed in the creepy house only to wake up two days later and everyone calling her “Marian”


It turns out Marian was the late wife of Mrs. Hughes’ son Ralph (George Macready) who has a terrible temper even to the point of ripping his sofa to bits. The fact is she needs to escape but how, no one believes here in the village, they all think she’s mad this really is well worth watching just for the atmosphere and plot.

a very rare Film.


There was a time not too long ago, when ladies loved to please their man, iron cooked and kept everything in the house in order  without a  moan or groan, and then in the evening she gets dressed up in sexy stocking and suspenders and will dance and shake her big boobs for her hubby..

Well if you missed all that, thank heavens for Amazon and there Stag films.

You only have to look on YouTube and silent.tv to see how popular these stag films are, is its the innocence of them compared to the sexy DVD of today, hell these girls look like they’re having a good time, and I certainly did watching them. The Good Old Naughty Days DVD from Amazon with its rare footage of erotica from a bygone times hard to believe some these ladies could well be Grannies now.


1900 talent and 1946 stag films all on one DVD if you like this kind of Erotica, you won’t be disappointed, I have a number of stag films I will be selling on Vintage films over the next few weeks, but for now I would pop to Amazon and take a look at this DVD its well worth buying.

Bela Lagosi in Plan 9 From Outer Space

Well-known Hungarian film star best recognised for the title role related to Dracula (1931). Bela Lagosi shows up in numerous frightening films in a career composed of 5 decades.  

Perhaps his most  infamous role was Plan 9 From Outer Space directed by Ed  Wood its littered along with mistakes like night turning to day in a super fast time The cord holding the flying saucer or spinning plates are noticeable, but it’s all this what makes it enjoyable  and its also Bela Lagosi final appearance in a movie, just a few moments of footage, was integrated into the director Ed Wood’s film.

Unfortunately Bela Lagosi  evolved into a drug addict in his latter days. Lugosi died in August 16, 1956 of the heart attack at the age of 73 and was buried in the Dracula cape what made him first noticed he is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery Los Angeles.

Plan 9 from outer space

If you like vintage films like me and you want to see something a little odd, you may never see the likes of again this is the film for you!

Tension (1949) is a film noir with lots of twist and turns from the start

Warren Quimby (Richard Basehart) can you love someone too much, well Warren does and who can blame him when is wife looks sexy as hell and is Claire (Audrey Totter)

Tension 1949

But she wants more from life and Warren the manager of a drug store
Seems unable to give her the life she craves for. It’s a strange twist on marriage as normally in the movies from this time, usually the men flatanising. She leaves him for for another man and a new life a real man as she calls him.

Warren Quimby heart broken, hatches a plan to kill her lover with a dual identity he changes his looks with contact lenses he rent a house and plans his next move.

His new identity brings him into contact with  beautiful and warmly sympathetic Mary Chandler (Cyd Charisse) the opposite of his wife in that she’s caring and  she seems to be falling in love with our would be murder, this confuses our down trodden hubby but he goes to the house intent on murder.

When he gets to the house our lover is sleeping in his chair he stands over him with a  garden fork in his hand about to plunge it into his body but he can’t do it he drops the folk this wakes up on lucky guy but he’s a broken man.

Unable to put up much of a fight he sees in him what he once was, she’s out on the town looking for the next sucker.

He realized the girl of his dreams was in his life all along and set off to find her but would she love the old Warren?

The next day his wife comes back with a story her lover has been shot a homicide did occur and Quimby becomes the prime suspect.

Tension was Totter’s last film noir she really plays the part well as a sleazy sexy wife who knows what she want and set out to get it, I think this is my favorite film noir films.Tension, which earned her rave reviews from many critics but did not do too well in the box office and is an MGM production John Berry’s expert direction to Harry Stradling’s atmospheric cinematography to Andre Previn’s tense, dramatic score.


IF you haven’t seen Tension 1949 you  won’t be disappointed i could not find this film on Amazon what was a bit of a surprise so i must have a rare dvd but there is a large selection of good Film Noir dvds on Amazon


Every now and then you find a jem,a classic film from a time when life was or seamed much more fun, well Double Bunk 1961 is just that a fun movie.


The stars of the film clearly get on, and looks as if they are enjoying making this film, in fact in the DVD extras the gorgeous Liz frazer comment how much she enjoyed the role, and being in Double Bunk was one of her highlights of her career,and that she enjoyed playing next to the talented actor and friend Sid James.


Ian Carmichael who was from my home town of Hull and Janette Scott who play our couple are so much in love, Jack and penny (Ian Carmichael and Janette Scott) are looking for a new home, who get hoodwinked into buying a run down houseboat from the harbour master, only to find it leaks water in fact they seems to be more water in the boat then in the river.

But they struggle on plugging the leaks luckily Jack is a bit of a mechanic, and disputes Sids help they soon have the boat engine running.

 Sid wants to  take it out on the river ,the harbour master find this hilarious and challenges the couple to a race down the river and back, and if they should win he offers them free rent but if they fail they must pay the money what is owned to them from the previous boat owner.

The race is on with hilarious consequence’s Liz Fraser add lots glamour on the way with her sexy swimwear and Janette Scott who play the wife who cant wait to be back on dry land, but sticks by her man to the finish line.

If you have not seen this Film and you like Classic Movies you will love this it reminded me of the classic carry on films of the time.

It is available at Amazon and at a price you should not miss click the link and see after watching this film i can recommend it,in fact its on of my new favourite British films. 

The film is available at Amazon what is a safe place on the Internet to buy and at a fair price i don’t think you will be disappointed with this little gem of a film.

Dual Alibi

New to my collection.

Dual Alibi is a good vintage crime film with a twist; the protagonist(s) are identical twins. It’s a British noir genre of film and the mood is dark and humourless, reminiscent of the ‘Twilight Zone’ TV show.

The story never falters from the start and there’s neither an extraneous scene nor wasted word of dialogue. The word ‘noir’ is often used inaccurately on IMDb and elsewhere these days to describe a run of the mill crime movie that happened to be shot in black and white, but this film is the real thing. 

Not a single scene takes place in daylight, and the often oppressive ambiance is caught in the opening shot as a bedraggled group of unemployed men are made up as clowns to go out in the pouring rain with sandwich boards to promote Vincent Barney’s circus. 

The kindly Barney recognises one of the de Lisles, identical twins and trapeze artists who used to be his star attraction and who now recounts his fall from grace.

Director Alfred Travers did not enjoy a high profile, making few films, mostly obscure second features, but he clearly knew what he was doing here. By comparison, for example, the renowned Terence Fisher’s ‘noire’ for Hammer in the early 1950s are heavy-handed and soporific.

 Apart from Travers’ skill in keeping the story moving, the circus atmosphere is conjured brilliantly through the judicious choice of background music, particularly Stanley Black’s haunting trapeze theme, since the budget apparently didn’t stretch to featuring any actual circus acts apart from the twins’ high-flying act and brief glimpses of a horse and an elephant.

 Not least he gets some excellent performances too. Herbert Lom is superb as the twins, bringing out their subtle differences, and with the aid of James Wilson’s masterly trick photography, all the more remarkable on such a poverty row production, it’s easy to suspend disbelief. 

The talented and popular comedian of radio and concert parties Ronald Frankau, making a rare screen appearance, brings charm, authority, and a sense of fun to his portrayal of the avuncular and sympathetic Barney. Terence de Marney is convincing as the repellent and ruthless Mike Bergin, whilst playing his accomplice, Penny, is ‘Britain’s First Lady of Striptease’ Phyllis Dixey who is actually from Hull.

 She doesn’t do a bad job; but this was only her second and last film appearance. 

Her striptease act must have been of a very genteel variety, in fact according to one aficionado ‘her girls did the stripping while she gave the audience the occasional “flash”! She was portrayed by Lesley-Anne Down in an excellent TV biopic The One and Only Dixie, broadcast in November 19


Edgar Wallace Mysteries DVD

 Edgar Wallace Mysteries DVD Set Review

 Most people enjoy watching films with different themes and categories. Some prefer action, comedy, or drama but lots of people want to view detective and crime stories. And because of that, more and more movies have been produced to satisfy the viewer’s desire to watch the movie they like. Edgar Wallace Mysteries is one of the DVD sets that provide great impact to certain individuals who have been watching it. Find out more information about it and try purchasing it after

 Who Could Buy/Benefit This Product?

 The Edgar Wallace Mysteries DVD set is best for people who are looking for mostly crime related films. They will definitely enjoy watching this movie collection for it came from the twentieth century novelists who are greatly recognized in the industry. This DVD set is also good for almost everybody as long as they are guided and can understand the flow of the story well.

 Product Description

 The DVD set Edgar Wallace Mysteries is integrated with special features to maximize the entertainment provided to viewers. Edgar Wallace’s thrillers are among the twentieth century’s most recognized crime novels. It has been adapted widely both for television and film. The most noteworthy Edgar Wallace Mysteries is created at Merton Park Studios in the early 1960s. It’s a noir-esque series wherein it updates some stories of the author to contemporary settings and combination of elements from classic B-movie with British feel that is distinct. It is the first volume which includes the top-notch performances from Conrad Phillips, Paul Eddington, Hazel Court, Bernard Lee, and Hary H. Corbett. It also features the scripts made by Robert Banks Stewart and Phillip Mackie.

 Product Features

Edgar Wallace Mysteries DVD set contains the following special features and these are:

With image gallery

PDF material

Exclusive booklet written by the critic and author Kim Newman

“Urge to Kill” which is a non-Wallace story included in the syndication packages as the Edgar Wallace Mystery

“October Moth”, which is one of the 7 thrillers made by Independent Artists Ltd in same time as Merton Park Films 2 of which are from the Wallace stories.


 The DVD set of Edgar Wallace Mysteries provided several advantages such as:

 The quality of transfer is really good and with great engaging dramas that can be enjoyed all the time.

It has a clear picture quality that viewers like most.

The three discs are already stored in a single DVD case.


 So far, this DVD set has not received any negative feedback from the viewers which only means that it is a good DVD set.

 Customer Reviews and Scores

 Edgar Wallace Mysteries received the rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in 11 people. Eight of them gave 5 stars and only 3 of them gave 4 stars. The average customer rating shows that customers are very happy and satisfied about this product.


 The DVD set Edgar Wallace Mysteries is the best film collection ever. People will definitely learn something from them and totally get entertained from wide range of selection of films. Edgar Wallace Mysteries is greatly appreciated by many viewers

The Lavender Hill Mob 60th Anniversary edition

What else can I say other than “Yey”, to the “The Lavender Hill Mob 60th Anniversary edition” available at Amazon.com

I am more than happy to add this to my collection of British films into my comedy section.  I just love the way the British produced humour in the 50’s and I am sure many of you do too.

Let me tell you a little about this production.  The Lavender hill mob was produced in 1951 and bases its character on a mild timid bank clerk who is in charge of the Gold Bullion section and had been for nearly 20 years.  His reputation was known for fussing over complete detail and getting into a crazed panic if any type of suspicion aroused his gold.   He truly was dedicated to his job and that gold.

But, he did it so well that his real cover was to devise a plan to steal the gold bullion and retire somewhere in paradise.  But he struggles along the way as he knows that black market gold is very hard to deal with.

So, he devises up a plan of what he believes to be a rock solid and to smuggle the gold out of the country shaped as the Eiffel Towers, well many Eiffel Towers to be precise.

Now I could go deeper into the story, but truthfully I don’t want to give the plot away and spoil the movie for you.  After all you are considering purchasing this anniversary DVD are you not?  So, what do they have to say inside Amazon?

This DVD is rated at 4.5 stars and has quite good solid reviews within Amazon.com; actually there are 37 all up, so it has been purchased by many.  What I recommend is that you go over to Amazon now and take a look at the reviews yourself.  You will be quite surprised as previous buyers have really put a lot of thought and time into these reviews to help others before they buy.

So, jump on over to Amazon today and take a look for yourself at this wonderful anniversary edition called “The Lavender Hill Mob” I am 100% sure you will be more then impressed.

Ps:  I bought two as this style of film dvd’s make great gifts and the person I gave it to was just delighted. 

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